Couples Counselling

Why Try Couples Counselling?


Try couples counselling as a way to get started on a new path.

The decision to try couples counselling for the first time can be a difficult decision. It may have been something that you have both thought about for sometime, in fact the average time between problems starting and a couple seeing a counsellor is 6 years. It is not unusual for couples to come into therapy as a last resort in order to save the relationship. My advice here would be do not leave it too late. Even if your relationship is a breaking point you can still do work to get it back on track. If you would like me to help you with your relationship call me on 07760 272562 or email me from my contact page.

There are a variety of problems that bring couples to therapy, issues that you both cannot resolve alone. You may have resorted to conflict behaviour, avoiding each other, grown distant over time or cannot get past a problem. The first session will be to explore what has brought you to couples counselling and what you wish to achieve. Your individual needs will be taken into account, alongside your wants and needs as a couple.


What to Expect from Couples Counselling.
Exploring your relationship in a therapeutic setting is very different to how you may have both dealth with the problems outside the therapy room. You may have been lots of arguments, avoidance and frustration, although these experiences are important, they are dealt with very differently during a couples counselling. Within the sessions the emphasis will be on the exploration of what is happening between you both at that time, what each partner is bringing to the relationship and what is hindering the relationship. The breakdown of communication is usually a large part of a difficult relationship. To heal this I use an Imago techniques called ‘Couples Dialogue’ which is a 3 step communication process based upon being heard, validation and empathy. Learning and practising this method will change the way you communicate with your partner and stop the battles and resentment.


Couples counselling may include:

*Changing behaviours that are damaging to the relationship.

* Listening to each other without interruption and conflict.

* Resolving past issues.

* Learning how to solve problems in a constructive way.

* Issues of trust and reliability.